How custom automotive add-ons will help you stand out & improve your customers' experience
by Kevin McGowan on April 9th, 2014

The days of fast-talking, hard-closing car salesman are over. With Google and other online sources, your customer have more car-buying options that ever before.

 Smooth salemen are being passed over in favor of those who offer service and courtesy to car buyers. 

 One way that you can boost your bottom line while providing better service for your customers is to offer them a better vehicle experience with custom automotive improvements from Auto Trim Restyling. 

For example, let's say that your customer really wants a car with leather interior and heated seats, but doesn't want to pay an additional $4,000 to upgrade to the next level of their vehicle model, which includes other additions they don't necessarily need or 

Today's customers have many options and are looking for a great customer experience.want - you can save them money and give them a better car-buying experience by offering to add only the items they want and need to their new car. As a quick example, let's say that you add 2 rows of leather seats with heat for $1250.00, you can offer it to your client for $2000. You save them $2,000 off their purchase price, deliver exactly what they're looking for and put an additional $187.50 in commission in your pocket!

Want to learn more about our services or get tips for selling additional add-ons? Call us to set up a sales training session for your team or schedule your session online!

Kevin McGowan
Ambassador of Aftermarket

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