We'll match your gift to Go! St. Louis on GiveSTLDay!
by Auto Restyling Blog on May 6th, 2014

Imagine if there were a program that motivated 50,000 St. Louis children to read 26 books, run 26.2 miles and do 26 good deeds in just 26 weeks. Now, imagine what GOOD that would do for each of those kids and for the St. Louis region as a whole!
Imagine no more! The Read, Right & Run Marathon has been doing amazing good for kids across the region for years thanks to GO! St. Louis and today, for GiveSTLDay, Go! St. Louis has the ambitious goal of raising enough funds to fund 250 St. Louis area kids in ONE DAY. 

From 1-2 p.m. today, Auto Trim will sponsor a matching gift campaign. Donate to Go! and we'll match your gift up to $150.00 total. 

Donate here -->http://www.GoStLouis.org/Give-STL-Day!

Thank you for your support for our work & our causes, today and always!
Kevin McGowanAmbassador of Aftermarket
Auto Trim Restyling

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