3 Inexpensive Upgrades for Your Next Road Trip
by Auto Restyling Blog on June 2nd, 2014

This is the time of year when the call of the open road is undeniable; a highway song that will invite you to the beach, to the lake, to grandma’s house, to that secret vacation spot that only you know about, or to the beautiful back roads that stretch across the country.
Wherever your adventures take you, a road trip is likely to get you there.  This time-honored tradition is a wonderful experience and can be made even better with upgrades to your vehicle.  Here are three inexpensive upgrades to consider:

​Navigation system

If your road trip involves a new destination, a navigation system can make getting from point A to point B much easier.  We all have map apps on our phones, but many of these apps are subject to service and data availability, which does you no good if you are looking for that “middle of nowhere” adventure.  Phones can also be unsafe to use in a car unless properly installed and used.  Opt instead for a dashboard navigation system.  These provide hands free navigation with built-in navigation software and even offer smart phone integration.  These systems offer the perfect combination of safe, reliable navigation and your personalized media.  Truly a win-win.
A navigation system will help you enjoy your adventures without always worrying about the route you take.  It may even inspire you to travel down new roads.
Remote Car Starter

Summer is a prime time for road tripping.  It is also when all of our cars become mobile saunas.  Fortunately, there is a better option than baking in your own car while waiting for it to cool down.  A remote car starter is a wonderful tool to control your car’s temperature and will make your summer travels significantly more comfortable.
With a remote car starter, you can set the desired temperature in your car, start the car a few minutes before you have to leave, and let the car cool down before you ever set foot in it.  Some remote car starter units allow you to check the cabin temperature, giving you the ability the monitor when your car is finally cooler than the surface of the sun.
Sweltering car temperatures can be miserable.  Keep your car cool and comfortable with a remote car starter.
Mobile Video Systems
Road tripping with the family can be full of unforgettable fun and lasting memories.  However, keeping kids occupied for long periods in the car can be a challenging prospect.  After all, even the Grand Canyon will only hold your kid’s interest for so long.  What do you do then?
Mobile video systems can alleviate road trip boredom for younger kids.  These portable DVD players allow families to pass the time during especially long drives with DVDs, video games, and other electronic media.  Many mobile systems come with pre-installed videos games and wireless remote controls.  These systems can keep kids entertained and focused during road trips, which can make the trip smoother and help parents breathe a little easier
Mobile video systems will not help parents avoid the dreaded “Are we there yet?”  However, it is a great way to ensure that your family’s adventures are not overshadowed by stressful car rides.
We hope that you answer the call of the open road this summer.  Wherever your travels take you, enjoy the drive AND the destination.

What is something you have to take with you on your road trips?  Share your road trip essentials in the comments below!
Do any of these upgrades sound like something you want for your next road trip?  Contact your local dealer and make this year’s road trip the best one yet!

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