Sunroof FAQ's
by Auto Restyling Blog on July 7th, 2014

Driving is meant to be an experience.  From the wide open blue skies to the warm sun and cool breezes, your travels should be something you feel.  A great way to enhance your driving experience is with a sunroof.
We are proud offer the highest quality aftermarket sunroof installation in the area. Below, we have answered some common questions about aftermarket sunroofs and we hope this makes your research even easier!
Can my car be fitted with an aftermarket sunroof?
As long as your car was built on this planet, an aftermarket sunroof should fit just fine!  We work hard to provide sunroofs for cars in all shapes and sizes.  We specialize in high quality aftermarket accessories and use Webasto for all of our sunroofs.  In addition, all of our sunroof installers are Webasto certified. 
Without seeing your specific car, we are unable to give a definitive answer about the ease of installing a sunroof, but you can always call us if you have questions.
Will my sunroof leak?
The short answer is no.  We are much too awesome to allow anything like that to happen.
We ensure that every sunroof is meticulously fitted to your car’s unique shape, minimizing the risk of leaks.  We also use only the highest quality Webasto sunroofs.  These sunroofs are specially designed to prevent leaks with a unique water management system that channels water out of the sunroof area and away from the interior.
With precision installations, high quality products, and a little TLC from you, there is little chance of any water getting through your sunroof.
Will a sunroof make my car noisy?
All cars experience a degree a wind buffeting, which is when the wind strikes a vehicle as it is moving.  Fortunately, Webasto has developed their sunroofs with wind buffeting in mind.  These sunroofs are designed using modern aerodynamic techniques, leading to a much quieter car ride.
If your car still experiences wind buffeting, one of the best ways to decrease it is to crack or open another window.  Having two windows creates a space for the air to flow instead of keeping it trapped in the car and bouncing around.
Will adding an aftermarket sunroof void my warranty?
Not at all!  As we discussed in a previous blog post, car owners who invest in their vehicle with customized additions are protected by law. 
Aren’t sunroofs only useful during good weather?
While it’s true that driving with a sunroof down during temperate weather is heavenly, the benefits do not stop there.  A glass sunroof will always let more light in to your car, which can be enjoyed during any season.  It will also make your car feel more spacious and enhance the views that you experience during your travels.  With an aftermarket installation, you have more options of sunroof positioning, so you can tailor your sunroof to your specific needs.  
Does a sunroof sound like the next great addition to your car?  If it does, contact your local auto dealer and ask them about Auto Trim Restyling.
Do you have any other questions about sunroofs that weren’t addressed above?  Leave them in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to answer them! 

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