The SmartNav5: Revolutionizing Your Driving Experience
by Auto Restyling Blog on August 23rd, 2014

We are firm believers that driving should be something you enjoy.  That’s why we are constantly looking for new ways to make you love your travels even more, and we think we’ve done it again!

The SmartNav5 is the latest addition to our growing product line.  It is a fully updateable and digital rearview mirror that supports a brilliant variety of applications.  It will completely revolutionize the way you drive.  That’s not something you hear every day, is it?  The SmartNav5 is loaded with incredible features and below, we highlight five of those features that will forever enhance your driving experience. 

Built-in GPS
Yes, you read that right.  This rearview mirror comes with a built-in GPS.  No more fooling around with power chords and constantly shifting GPS mounts.  No more relying on your phone and data reception to get you from point A to point B (which is dangerous and illegal in some states).  The SmartNav5 GPS includes voice guided directions and 3D mapping.  It also comes preprogrammed with countless points of interest across the country for you serious road trippers.  This is a great feature that is safe, reliable, and will help you navigate your travels.

Bluetooth Connectivity
If you are going to talk on your phone in the car, hands free is the way to be (and required by law in many states).  The SmartNav5 has you covered.  This feature supports Bluetooth 4.0 and will connect to your smart phone seamlessly.  And for those of you still rocking those flip phones, you’re covered too.  This feature will connect to standard cell phones as well.  The SmartNav5 can also download your entire phonebook.  This fantastic rearview mirror will make talking on the phone easy, convenient, and above all, safe.

Music Streaming
Remember that awesome Bluetooth feature we just talked about? There’s more!  The SmartNav5’s Bluetooth technology will allow you to stream music from your smart phone directly in to the sound system of your car.  You can bring your favorite tunes with you wherever you go and play them through your rearview mirror.  How cool is that?  Pretty cool, if you ask us.

E-book Streaming
That same feature that allows you to stream your music will support text to speech, allowing you to stream all of your favorite e-books. This is great for those long commutes or road trips.  You simply download your favorite book to your smart phone and let the SmartNav5 do the rest.  It is a revolutionary way to receive this kind of entertainment in your car. Imagine having the most cutting edge rearview mirror on the market AND being more literate.  Sounds like a win-win to us.

Rear camera
This is another great safety feature of the SmartNav5.  This rear camera activates instantly upon the driver shifting to reverse and provides an HD image in full color.  This can make backing out of those tricky spots much safer and easier.  As an added feature, this rear camera can be installed in the car and be used to monitor young children. Regardless of how you use it, the rear camera is a valuable feature of the SmartNav5.

So there you have it. Five amazing features from the SmartNav5’s long list of features.  Now you can see why we are so excited to offer it.  We weren’t kidding when we said this mirror would revolutionize the way you drive.  It is incredibly versatile and an excellent addition to any car.

Does this sound like something you’re interested in? Of course it does!  How can it not be after reading this post?If it does, ask your trusted dealer about getting one installed!

Want to know more about the amazing SmartNav5?  Leave a question in the comment section below!

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