SEMA Pro, Know Your Aftermarket Company
by Hemi on October 3rd, 2014

A vendor by only one name...

Who installs aftermarket accessories, leather, sunroofs, mobile video, heated seats, electronics, and window tint for your dealership? How did you choose to do business with them? What separates one company from another? What value does your new, or pre-owned, client realize when you have the best vendor for your aftermarket upgrades? Is your client getting the best products, at the best overall cost, with the best warranty, service, and ease of purchase, that ensures on time delivery, complete satisfaction with their vehicle's accessories, and years of happy ownership? They are if your dealership has established a mutually beneficial relationship with a SEMA Pro restyler.

SEMA Pro, sell with confidence!

We all know the scenario. Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public walk toward your main entrance, and they're interested in a vehicle you have in stock, but it doesn't have all the right equipment, or the trim level within their budget prevents them from getting the options they want. Time to create a vehicle that meets their needs.

When the topic of accessories surfaces, some salespeople head straight for the hills, hoping their client won't make this deal any more complicated, while other sales people, confident in their aftermarket vendor, and their vendor's products and service, seize every opportunity to sell high quality, and profitable aftermarket accessories. After all, it's all about the accessories! The only difference between the two types of salespeople is confidence. Sales people and dealerships with confidence in what their selling, sell more of it, make more deals that might not have been made, and ultimately make more money.

“My client was leaving to purchase a vehicle down the street that had blind spot sensors, our car didn't have them. I was able to transfer my confidence in the aftermarket sensors to the customer, and sold a car that I wouldn't have otherwise sold.” Jack Flowers, Suntrup Kia, St. Louis, Missouri. Which side of the equation are you and your dealership on?

In the world of aftermarket accessories, there's about as much difference between a SEMA Pro restyler and Bart's Bumper Sticker Bonanza, as there is between your franchised new car dealership and Rhashid's Rent-a-Wreck. The difference is night and day. Knowing the benefits of using a SEMA Pro restyler, the quality and reliability of their products, their warranty, their extensive training and certification, and their customer satisfaction, can make a huge difference the next time you and your client create a vehicle that's right for them.

SEMA Pro difference

  • Local ownership, national network
  • 3yr/36,000 mile warranty
  • ASE certified installers
  • High quality product offering
  • Stable and proven manufacturing partners
  • Membership in Metro Dealership Association
  • Sales training, marketing materials, communications
  • Sufficient liability insurance
  • Community partner

Know your partners, great products, great people, good business

What do you want in a partner, supplier, or vendor? Does your current relationship meet those expectations? Are their installers ASE certified, and how many years experience to they have? Are your sales people properly trained on selling the features and benefits of their products? What's been your aftermarket experience through the years, and what would you like it to be? Do you trust your customer satisfaction index to your current vendor? You do if they are a SEMA Pro restyler!

Happy selling!

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