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Our partners at RTR are proud to announce the new 2015 Ford Mustang RTR and share it’s true-to-form artist renderings. The all-new 2015 Mustang RTR Spec 1 and Spec 2 serialized vehicles will begin to hit dealers worldwide in January 2015, and is based off of the incredible new Ford Mustang S550 platform featuring independent rear suspension, an all-new 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder engine making over 300HP, as well as the 5.0L V8 boasting over 435HP.

The 2015 Mustang RTR vehicles will include the aggressive styling features and the all-encompassing performance offerings expected from the RTR brand led by World Champion Drifter and all around Mustang Mad Man Vaughn Gittin Jr.

“Ford’s Mustang team has done an incredible job with the new 2015 Ford Mustang,” says Vaughn. “The RTR team and I are pumped to work with such an incredible platform for RTR builds. Without a question, the performance and overall presence of the new Mustang RTR will impress and keep a smile on our customers’ faces whether cruising the streets or getting crazy on the track. I cannot take delivery of mine soon enough!”

With the release of the 2015 Mustang RTR, serialized RTR vehicles will be exclusively available at an increasing number of Ford Dealers around the world. 

“For the past couple years we have really focused on building relationships with the best dealers out there,” says Vaughn. “The dealers we have partnered with so far have been very happy with the RTR program we offer and the overall reception Mustang RTR’s receive in their dealerships. Excitement is very high around this next generation Ford Mustang.” 

RTR will continue focusing on expanding its global dealership reach to support the growing demand for a Mustang package that is “Ready to Rock”! Also in January, Mustang RTR will make available for aftermarket purchase many of the same components that make up the RTR serialized vehicle package for those that would like to personalize the look and/or performance of their 2015 Ford Mustang one piece at a time. All aftermarket Mustang RTR products will be exclusively available through and

Contact us today for custom RTR upgrades to your Ford Mustang.

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Driving is meant to be an experience.  From the wide open blue skies to the warm sun and cool breezes, your travels should be something you feel.  A great way to enhance your driving experience is with a sunroof.
We are proud offer the highest quality aftermarket sunroof installation in the area. Below, we have answered some common questions about aftermarket sunroofs and we hope this makes your research even easier!
Can my car be fitted with an aftermarket sunroof?
As long as your car was built on this planet, an aftermarket sunroof should fit just fine!  We work hard to provide sunroofs for cars in all shapes and sizes.  We specialize in high quality aftermarket accessories and use Webasto for all of our sunroofs.  In addition, all of our sunroof installers are Webasto certified. 
Without seeing your specific car, we are unable to give a definitive answer about the ease of installing a sunroof, but you can always call us if you have questions.
Will my sunroof leak?
The short answer is no.  We are much too awesome to allow anything like that to happen.
We ensure that every sunroof is meticulously fitted to your car’s unique shape, minimizing the risk of leaks.  We also use only the highest quality Webasto sunroofs.  These sunroofs are specially designed to prevent leaks with a unique water management system that channels water out of the sunroof area and away from the interior.
With precision installations, high quality products, and a little TLC from you, there is little chance of any water getting through your sunroof.
Will a sunroof make my car noisy?
All cars experience a degree a wind buffeting, which is when the wind strikes a vehicle as it is moving.  Fortunately, Webasto has developed their sunroofs with wind buffeting in mind.  These sunroofs are designed using modern aerodynamic techniques, leading to a much quieter car ride.
If your car still experiences wind buffeting, one of the best ways to decrease it is to crack or open another window.  Having two windows creates a space for the air to flow instead of keeping it trapped in the car and bouncing around.
Will adding an aftermarket sunroof void my warranty?
Not at all!  As we discussed in a previous blog post, car owners who invest in their vehicle with customized additions are protected by law. 
Aren’t sunroofs only useful during good weather?
While it’s true that driving with a sunroof down during temperate weather is heavenly, the benefits do not stop there.  A glass sunroof will always let more light in to your car, which can be enjoyed during any season.  It will also make your car feel more spacious and enhance the views that you experience during your travels.  With an aftermarket installation, you have more options of sunroof positioning, so you can tailor your sunroof to your specific needs.  
Does a sunroof sound like the next great addition to your car?  If it does, contact your local auto dealer and ask them about Auto Trim Restyling.
Do you have any other questions about sunroofs that weren’t addressed above?  Leave them in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to answer them! 

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This is the time of year when the call of the open road is undeniable; a highway song that will invite you to the beach, to the lake, to grandma’s house, to that secret vacation spot that only you know about, or to the beautiful back roads that stretch across the country.
Wherever your adventures take you, a road trip is likely to get you there.  This time-honored tradition is a wonderful experience and can be made even better with upgrades to your vehicle.  Here are three inexpensive upgrades to consider:

​Navigation system

If your road trip involves a new destination, a navigation system can make getting from point A to point B much easier.  We all have map apps on our phones, but many of these apps are subject to service and data availability, which does you no good if you are looking for that “middle of nowhere” adventure.  Phones can also be unsafe to use in a car unless properly installed and used.  Opt instead for a dashboard navigation system.  These provide hands free navigation with built-in navigation software and even offer smart phone integration.  These systems offer the perfect combination of safe, reliable navigation and your personalized media.  Truly a win-win.
A navigation system will help you enjoy your adventures without always worrying about the route you take.  It may even inspire you to travel down new roads.
Remote Car Starter

Summer is a prime time for road tripping.  It is also when all of our cars become mobile saunas.  Fortunately, there is a better option than baking in your own car while waiting for it to cool down.  A remote car starter is a wonderful tool to control your car’s temperature and will make your summer travels significantly more comfortable.
With a remote car starter, you can set the desired temperature in your car, start the car a few minutes before you have to leave, and let the car cool down before you ever set foot in it.  Some remote car starter units allow you to check the cabin temperature, giving you the ability the monitor when your car is finally cooler than the surface of the sun.
Sweltering car temperatures can be miserable.  Keep your car cool and comfortable with a remote car starter.
Mobile Video Systems
Road tripping with the family can be full of unforgettable fun and lasting memories.  However, keeping kids occupied for long periods in the car can be a challenging prospect.  After all, even the Grand Canyon will only hold your kid’s interest for so long.  What do you do then?
Mobile video systems can alleviate road trip boredom for younger kids.  These portable DVD players allow families to pass the time during especially long drives with DVDs, video games, and other electronic media.  Many mobile systems come with pre-installed videos games and wireless remote controls.  These systems can keep kids entertained and focused during road trips, which can make the trip smoother and help parents breathe a little easier
Mobile video systems will not help parents avoid the dreaded “Are we there yet?”  However, it is a great way to ensure that your family’s adventures are not overshadowed by stressful car rides.
We hope that you answer the call of the open road this summer.  Wherever your travels take you, enjoy the drive AND the destination.

What is something you have to take with you on your road trips?  Share your road trip essentials in the comments below!
Do any of these upgrades sound like something you want for your next road trip?  Contact your local dealer and make this year’s road trip the best one yet!

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Imagine if there were a program that motivated 50,000 St. Louis children to read 26 books, run 26.2 miles and do 26 good deeds in just 26 weeks. Now, imagine what GOOD that would do for each of those kids and for the St. Louis region as a whole!
Imagine no more! The Read, Right & Run Marathon has been doing amazing good for kids across the region for years thanks to GO! St. Louis and today, for GiveSTLDay, Go! St. Louis has the ambitious goal of raising enough funds to fund 250 St. Louis area kids in ONE DAY. 

From 1-2 p.m. today, Auto Trim will sponsor a matching gift campaign. Donate to Go! and we'll match your gift up to $150.00 total. 

Donate here -->!

Thank you for your support for our work & our causes, today and always!

Kevin McGowanAmbassador of Aftermarket
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by Kevin McGowan on April 9th, 2014

The days of fast-talking, hard-closing car salesman are over. With Google and other online sources, your customer have more car-buying options that ever before.

 Smooth salemen are being passed over in favor of those who offer service and courtesy to car buyers. 

 One way that you can boost your bottom line while providing better service for your customers is to offer them a better vehicle experience with custom automotive improvements from Auto Trim Restyling. 

For example, let's say that your customer really wants a car with leather interior and heated seats, but doesn't want to pay an additional $4,000 to upgrade to the next level of their vehicle model, which includes other additions they don't necessarily need or 

Today's customers have many options and are looking for a great customer experience.want - you can save them money and give them a better car-buying experience by offering to add only the items they want and need to their new car. As a quick example, let's say that you add 2 rows of leather seats with heat for $1250.00, you can offer it to your client for $2000. You save them $2,000 off their purchase price, deliver exactly what they're looking for and put an additional $187.50 in commission in your pocket!

Want to learn more about our services or get tips for selling additional add-ons? Call us to set up a sales training session for your team or schedule your session online!

Kevin McGowan
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By Danni Eickenhorst

We've all seen leather seats that are well worn, sundried and cracked. As leather seats or other car seat covers begin age, they are subject to harsh sunlight from sunroof exposure and other stresses from daily use.

Over time, leather begins to lose moisture and the protectants it was infused with during the manufacturing process. Vehicles with a convertible roof or sunroof may be at additional risk for sun damage, but with regular cleaning and care, these seats can retain their beauty, shine and flexibility of material. Therefore, your primary care focuses for your leather seats should simply be to keep them clean and to keep them moisturized.

Cleaning your Leathers Seats
We recommend that cleaning with mild soap and water rather than using harsh cleaners, abrasives, foams or other chemicals on your leather interior. Optionally, you can visit nearest auto parts store and ask for their recommendations - but be sure that any cleaners they choose are solvent-free and are pure a cleaner as possible. 

When cleaning with a mild soap, you'll want to apply the soap with a microfiber pad or a scrub brush designed for leather and vinyl seats. These are specifically designed to open the pore of the leather to allow dirt and body oils that get trapped within the seats to rise to the surface of the leather so they can easily be cleaned away.

Conditioning your Leather Seats
After cleaning your leather seats, you'll want to apply a generous amount of a leather conditioner to the surface of your seats. Allow it to penetrate the surface so that it can nourish and moisurize the seat. As the seat ages, it loses the protectants and moisture itnitially had. Many of the moisturizers on the market today are engineered at the molecular level to absorb into the leather and to help it retain its resiliance, softness and shine. 

Once the conditioner has had an opportunity to work its magic (perhaps 5 minutes - no more), simply buff it off with a soft cloth and you're done!

Have you found a soap or conditioner that you love? Let us know in the comments below!

Considering leather seats for the first time? Reach out for a quote!

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The Creve Coeur police department's new DUI Enforcement van, customized by Auto Trim Restyling, was featured on FOX2 news. Click the video below to get an inside look at our handiwork!

by Danni Eickenhorst on February 9th, 2014

This Valentine's Day, don't forget about the other woman in your life - your car. V-Day will be here before you know it. Don't find yourself unprepared.

Here are a few ways to show your car some love:

Nothing says love like some cool shades.
Spring is just around the corner. Call Auto Trim to get your car set up with custom window tint for those bright sunny days. Window tint is now $50 off if scheduled or installed by 5:00 p.m. on Valentine's Day!

Stay classy.
We believe it was San Diego Anchorman Ron Burgundy who said it best, "I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany." Leather is classy, folks... and lucky for your Valentine, we specialize in custom leather interiors - these hand-sewn seats will make a memorable gift.

Give her the warm fuzzies.
Since St. Louis and northern Minnesota seem to have more in common than we ever imagined (Snowmaggedon, anyone?), consider installing a remote start system to keep your car warm even when you're not around. Hey... guess what! Remote car start systems are ALSO $50 off if scheduled or installed by 5:00 p.m. on Valentine's Day! 

Schedule your install or reserve your gift certificate online during our Valentine's Day sale or call Ike at (636) 200-7000 to set it up!

Happy Valentine's Day!

by Kevin McGowan on January 26th, 2014

We are having a blast once again at the St. Louis Auto Show! We're here through the end of the day Sunday so be sure to stop out and check out our handiwork live.

We brought along some of our cars to showcase our custom automotive work, including  a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee (pic below) with new custom leather and had a chance to connect with thousands of automotive enthusiasts. 

We can't forget to mention the always incredible Vaughn Gittin, Jr. who came out to give a drift demonstration in his custom Fort Mustang RTR. Nothing compares to watching the skills behind the wheel when this Formula Drift Champ starts his show. Check out the pictures below and if you missed it this year, be sure to come out for a rush of adrenaline in 2015!

We hosted our first Facebook contest for the auto show and are giving away a free window film install or a free remote car start install to 4 people we connected with at the show. If we connected with you, follow our Facebook page closely as we announce through the end of the Auto Show!

by Kevin McGowan on January 18th, 2014

As the premiere custom auto restyler in the Midwest, we tint thousands of cars each year. Many of the auto dealers in Missouri and Southern Illinois rely on Auto Trim to provide window film and other customizations for the cars on their lot. 

How dark am I allowed to tint my windows in Missouri?
Vehicles registered in Missouri are authorized to have their right and left windows tinted with film up to 35% light transmittance. The Missouri State Highway Patrol allows for a 3% +/- margin of error in this measurement.

I am sensitive to light and my doctor says my windows should be darker than 35%.
Windows may be tinted darker than 35% with a prescription. This may be required for individuals with light allergy or extreme sensitivity to light. Should you require darker tint or tinting on your front window beyond the standard upper area tint installed by the manufacturer, bring your presciption to the Missouri State Highway Patrol and they will issue a special tint permit, and provide stickers for the front and back windows of your vehicle.

How reflective can the tint on my car or van be?
Some window tinting films contain metallic elements to reduce the amount of light let into your windows. These elements serve to keep your car cooler and to reduce glare caused by visible light. Missouri allows for window tint to reflect up to 35% of light.

Auto Trim works to be a reliable source of information, quality products and impeccable service, but please remember that state window tinting laws may be interpreted differently by your local authorities. We recommend checking with your local authoriites to make sure any automotive customizations are in compliance with local rules and regulations.

by Kevin McGowan on January 16th, 2014

In short - no, they do not.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 provides protections for auto owners that invest in their vehicle with customized additions such as mobile video, sunroof installation and leather installation. 

When a new vehicle is purchased and the owner is protected against faults that may occur with an expressed warranty, the manufacturer assumes liability for problems with any parts listed in the warranty during the period of time described in the warranty. Additionaly protections for the buyer include implied warranties that hold vehicle manfucturers to certain minimum standards. 

Additional protections for consumers include defect and performance warranties as required by the Clean Air Act. In the case of both the expressed warranty and the implied warranty, aftermarket automotive customizations have no bearing on the validity of the warranty. The only time a new vhiecle warranty can be voided is if the aftermarket part has been instlaled and is responsible for an emission warranty claim. 

Should you or someone you know experience a warranty denial due to custom automotive improvements, please reach out to the EPA at (202) 233-9040. For more information on Auto Trim's custom automotive installations, reach out by calliing 636-200-7000 or by clicking here