Webasto Hollandia 300-Series Sunroof

Spoiler Sunroof

For a classic spoiler sunroof install, nothing beats the Webasto Hollandia 300 Series. Webasto sunroofs match compliment your existing factory design. The 300-series spoiler sunroof provides a custom aerodynamic design. 

Webasto custom sunroofs undergo stringent endurance tests at the time of manufacture to ensure they are weathertight against rain, article conditions and extreme soiling. Webasto offers a 3-year manufacturer's warranty. Auto Trim Restyling installers are certified Webasto installers and undergo continuing education to ensure highest installation standards. 

Features for the Webasto Hollandia 300-Series Sunroof Include:

  • Venus glass, which provides protection against UV radiation, while deflecting solar heat and iwnd.
  • With the options Soft-Touch operation upgrade, these additional features are available:
    • Auto-Close, which ensures that your sunroof closes each time you turn off your car.
    • Automatic rain detection.
    • Auto-retract, which prevents the sunroof from closing if it is not free to do so, or if there is anything in its way. 
    • Two programmable aperture settings
    • Manual, electric and soft-touch control options


Reach out for more details or to request a quote on custom sunroof installation services for your car, truck or van.

Additional sunroof options

Webasto Solaire 5300c