Webasto 700-II Series Sunroof

Tilt/Slide Sunroof Installation

The best choice for a tilt/slide sunroof installation is the Webasto 700-II Series inbuilt sunroof. Available in 5 custom sizes for a variety of automotive needs, this model blends seamlessly with factory roof liners. This inbuilt sunroof, part of Webasto's Hollandia line, offers tinted Protective VenusĀ® glass reflects UV radiation and solar heat without affecting the amount of incoming light.
Features for the Webasto 700-II Series Sunroof:
  • Tile/Slide functionality
  • Seamless sun shade match with roof liner
  • Tinted Venus glass, which offers full sunlight exposure with UV protection, while also radiating solar heat
  • The optional Soft-Touch offers additional protections such as Auto-Close, which ensures your sunroof is closed each time you turn off your car, Auto-Retract and optional rain detection.**Soft-Touch and all related features are considered an upgrade and will be at an additional cost.



Reach out for more details or to request a quote on custom sunroof installation services for your car, truck or van.

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